Comex Premium

Comex Premium

These services are basically designed for those who is having high Investments In COMEX Market and like to trade for higher targets, Lower Risk and Higher Return. If you are having high Investments in COMEX Market These services is for you.

Features Of Our Comex Premium Service:-

  • One Recommendation on daily basis with proper target and stop loss.
  • Daily market reports will be mailed to you on a daily basis.
  • Telephonic and Skype support from our Sales executive in market hours.
  • We provide you follow up of every recommendation or any update related to market.
  • In market hours directly you can contact to our Research Analyst or Market Experts for any advice.
  • 80-85% accuracy on monthly basis.
  • In these services the Risk and reward Ratio is 1:2.
  • Weekly follow up on your one week trading on last trading day of the week.
  • We will update you time to time with the global financial market news.
  • You can read our news and market update on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Weebly.

Sample Of Our Recommendation:-

TRPL I-COMEX PREMIUM :– Sell Gold Below 1235 TGT 1229 SL Above 1238, QUERY CALL -6531591060

Follow Up SMS:-

TRPL I-COMEX PREMIUM UPDATE : – Book Profit In Gold@1229 Our TGT Achieved, QUERY CALL-6531591060

Medium: – SMS, Call, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, Hangouts

Comex Premium
For Quarterly =1500 Us$
For Half Yearly=2800 Us$
For Yearly= 4500 US$
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